Curious about swinging?

2 Hot Girls KissingAre you curious about swinging and wondering if having sex with other couples, or sexy singles is for you?  We remember the first coversation that we had about the idea of having sex with other people.  Our situation was a little different from many couples because many couples start off talking abouth their interest in a threesome with a bisexual female.  Our 1st swingers talk was a result of watching a porno with 2 guys and a girl.  It was the 1st time the Mrs. had seen a DP (double penetration) and she got so turned on watching it.  Actually we both got very turned on!

We pulled out her favorite toy and took the fantasy further.  I whispered all kinds of naughty fantasies in her ear as we had some of the most incredible sex of our lives up to that point.  Afterwards, we started talking about the experience and whether we would both be as turned on by a real life 2 on 1 MFM experience. Click here for the best list of swingers terms and abbreviations that we have seen.  From there we did start talking about the idea of a threesome with a bi girl and my wife admitted for the 1st time that she had always fantasized about being with another woman.
Meet real Memphis Swingers
We got so turned on talking about all of our fantasies that we made love to each other 2 more times that night.  The next morning we woke up giggling about our hot night of exploration and decided to start looking around on the web similar toi what you may have done.  We tried a few swingers websites that we didn’t really like, but one of the couples that we did meet recommended a site called Kasidie.  We started off with a free profile, got certified by sending in a verification picture, and went to the parties. events page.  We will tell you more about all of the sexy and fun times we have had since then, but we want you to know, we LOVE Kasidie and all of the sexy friends we have gotten close to since that day!


Welcome to Memphis Swingers!

We created Memphis Swingers to help you explore all that Memphis has to offer to Memphis couples and single guys and girls curious about the swinging lifestyle. We provide honest information about what to expect in the Memphis Swingers community.  We know the questions that we had when we first decided to begin this adventure, and we will answer your questions and tell you the best places to go to have fun!